What is Flattiverse?

Flattiverse is a noncommercial computer game for learning the programming languages C# and Java. Players can join missions together or against each other. The basics are possible with just a little experience in programming, being successful in tournaments is more difficult.

The Flattiverse-seminar at Hochschule Esslingen is teaching all necessary skills to sucessfully develop software since 2008. Our focus lays on skills which are neglected in regular studies: How to properly debug, quickly adapt to new circumstances or choose suitable technologies and design-patterns for an impending task.

Since the beginning we have been continuously improving Flattiverse and added new features and functionality. This does not only include new gameplay elements and modes, but also this website or the currently rather thin documentation.

Flattiverse seminar 03/06/17 to 03/10/17

The next flattiverse seminar takes place from 03/06/17 to 03/10/17 on the Campus (HZE) of Hochschule Esslingen.

If you want to partake in the seminar and you are not enrolled at Hochschule Esslingen, please write us an e-amil to info {at] flattiverse {dot} com. The presence in the seminar requires basic knowledge in object-oriented programming, which you should have acquired beforehand. Optimally, you bring some experience with C# or Java, so you can quickly find into Flattiverse.

Should you be interested in building your own spaceship independently of the seminar, then download the documentation and the connector for the desired programming language from the resources-page. Good luck!

Flattiverse for beginners

For the website is currently under construction and content in the help-area (especially english content) is rather scarce right now, you can find an introductionary video on the resources-page to help you gain access to Flattiverse. Should you complete the steps in this video, you can continue using the additional steps from the documentation.

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